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Be Yond  Resonable Doubt (B.Y.R.D.)


Beyond reasonable doubt is the legal standard to prove guilt of a defendant in a criminal case.  The burden to prove guilt rests entirely with the State.  A defendant charged in a criminal matter does not have to do anything to prove his or her innocence.  At trial,  the defendant need not take the stand in his defense, present any evidence, and if the defendant elects not to attend, the trial can proceed in his or her absence.


Although the BYRD standard is a high standard of proof.  It is only as good as the jurors who are charged with its application.  In other words, even though at a trial jurors are told to leave all prejudices behind, in reality this is something difficult to do and some jurors don't even try.


 The mission and goal of our company is to go beyond reasonable doubt. We are here to assist people whose legal rights have been violated, damaged, and negatively impacted by the bias and prejudices of those who are expected to adhere to and up hold the law.


In handling your legal matter, we will always make sure that beyond the bias, beyond the prejudice, beyond the reasonable doubt, justice will prevail!

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